Living Forward after Loss

When the life partner you once had is no longer here, your world collapses in front of your eyes. You may alternate between great pain and numbness and find yourself unsure of how to continue to live life without them. The loss of a loved one through death or divorce can be a harrowing experience that can require years of recovery.

Author Kathleen Ho had been married to David Bigby for ten years at the time of his passing in 2015. The life they built together fell apart, but with the support of her family and friends, she was able to bounce back to life two years later. Now, she seeks to help those who are struggling with the death of loved ones to honor her late husband’s life. Kathleen provides practical strategies that grievers can adopt in their journey to recovery and encourages them to consider whether they have made the most of the precious time they have on Earth.

In this guide, one woman shares her life-changing journey to rebuild her life after losing her life partner and offers advice and encouragement to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.